Function center – Restaurant

December 11, 2022
Chris & Kasia’s Wedding
For a unique wedding reception venue that captures Melbourne’s rooftop culture, say ‘I do’ to Luminare. With 360-degree views of the stunning city skyline and Port Phillip Bay on the horizon which is perfect for wedding photography, Luminare is an extraordinary venue in an unbeatable location. And that’s just the exterior! Inside you’ll find rooftop, loft-inspired interiors, chic furnishings, and fabulous food and drinks served by the best in the biz, The Big Group.
November 15, 2022
Laura & Richard’s Wedding
@Cosmopolitan Hotel
Laura & Richard’s Wedding @Cosmopolitan Hotel With years of wedding photography experience, Duüet offers more than just someone behind the lens to take shots of your wedding day. It is a personalized service to create a wedding day experience like no other – so it translates over to how wonderful your photographs come out. Laura and Richard’s wedding is a testament to how dedicated we are to our craft. Our photojournalistic approach means we want photos to be as natural as possible. To capture those great candid moments, where emotions are raw and everyone is relaxed. Only when we are able to create lasting impressions of the couple, their family and friends and the venue is when we can say […]
October 21, 2022
Wendy & Brad’s Wedding
@Grow Event Space
Wendy & Brad’s Wedding @Grow Event Space   Melbourne Wedding Photo + Film by Duuet FB: Duuet Melbourne Wedding Venue @Grow Event Space FB: Grow Event Space A modern bright fresh venue space, abundant in natural light and bursting with lush greenery. Grow Event Space is a bayside hidden oasis. Grow Event Space is perfect for wedding ceremonies and receptions, corporate events, product launches, film and photo shoots, private dining and parties, workshops, birthdays and social gatherings.
September 23, 2022
Lucrecia & Guy’s Wedding
Lucrecia & Guy’s Wedding @Greenfield Immersed in the natural beauty of Greenfields Albert Park, Lucrecia and Guy’s wedding unfolds like a visual symphony, each moment a carefully composed note in the melody of their love. The soft hues of the venue’s surroundings create a picturesque backdrop, accentuating the tenderness shared between the couple. Our lenses delicately capture the nuanced expressions, from the exchange of vows against the lush greenery to the twirl of Lucrecia’s gown on the venue’s elegant grounds. The interplay of natural light and shadows adds a cinematic touch to each photograph, preserving the essence of their special day. Every snapshot narrates a chapter of their story, etched in the vibrant colors and textures of this timeless celebration. […]
September 15, 2022
Charlene & Robert’s Wedding
@Butlers Lane Vineyard
Charlene & Robert’s Wedding @Butlers Lane Vineyard The radiant glow of Charlene, and the calmness of Robert wrapped up in this beautiful wedding scene. The burst of colours and the muted tones create a depth of emotion that only love can do. Set in spectacular Butler’s Lane Vineyard, this scenic venue in the heart of Glenlyon was the perfect, almost surreal canvas for Charlene and Robert’s ceremony. It truly made everything glow, creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We are truly glad to have captured these special moments.   Melbourne Wedding Photo + Film by Duuet FB: Duuet  Melbourne Wedding Venue @Butlers Lane Vineyard FB: Butlers Lane Vineyard Hair: Adrienne Makeup & Hair Make-up: Samantha Jade MUA Wedding gown: Bella E La […]
September 2, 2022
Marley & Trent’s Wedding
Marley & Trent’s Wedding @Glasshaus Marley and Trent’s wedding at Glasshaus Inside was a fairytale brought to life amidst the captivating allure of verdant indoor gardens. As guests entered this enchanting haven, they were immediately transported into a realm of natural beauty and wonder, where the very air seemed to whisper secrets of love and romance. The lush indoor gardens served as the backdrop for their love story, a place where love bloomed and flourished, much like the vibrant foliage that surrounded them. The soft, filtered sunlight streamed through the lush canopy of greenery, casting a warm and ethereal glow upon the couple as they exchanged their vows. As the couple celebrated their union, it was impossible not to be […]
June 27, 2022
Victoria & Samuel’s Wedding
Victoria & Samuel’s Wedding @Glasshaus Victoria and Samuel’s love story came to life against the backdrop of the enchanting Glasshaus Inside and Glasshaus Outside venues, where natural beauty and urban elegance coalesced. As a wedding photographer, it was an absolute delight to capture their special day in such a unique and picturesque setting. The lush greenery and modern design provided the perfect canvas for their love to shine, and every moment was a testament to their deep connection. Here’s to a lifetime of love, laughter, and unforgettable memories for this remarkable couple!   Melbourne Wedding Photo by Duuet FB: Duuet Melbourne Wedding Venue @Glasshaus FB: Glasshaus Hair: Hair By Elesha Rae Make-up: Ebonii Harty Wedding gown: Evie Young Bridal Suit: YSG Tailors Celebrant: Megan Thompson Stylist & Wedding Planner: Events By […]
May 26, 2022
Kelsey & Carl’s Wedding
@Post Office Hotel
Kelsey & Carl’s Wedding @Post Office Hotel Celebrating an exquisite union through the lens. Kelsey and Carl’s wedding day was a masterpiece of emotion and elegance, set within the refined confines of The Post Office Hotel. This distinguished venue provided the perfect canvas, enhancing the visual narrative with its rich heritage and exquisite details. From the tender moments exchanged in the ceremony to the exuberant festivities of the reception, every frame captured resonates with the palpable joy that filled the air. Here’s to encapsulating a remarkable event where photography and the art of love seamlessly converged.   Melbourne Wedding Photo + Film by Duuet FB: Duuet  Melbourne Wedding Venue @Post Office Hotel FB: Post Office Hotel Hair: Hair by Nikolettaa Make-up: Melonie Santos Wedding gown: Kyha Studios Suit: Theodore […]
May 22, 2022
Sarah & Andy’s Wedding
@The Timber Yard
Sarah & Andy’s Wedding @The Timber Yard Sarah and Andy’s Jewish wedding ceremony beneath the expansive sky presented a captivating canvas for artistic expression. Bathed in the warm glow of sunlight, the couple exchanged vows beneath a natural canopy, each frame meticulously capturing the nuanced interplay between sacred traditions and the limitless beauty of the outdoors. This visual narrative not only showcased the authenticity of their love but also underscored the inherent connection between the ceremonial rites and the natural environment. Every photograph, meticulously composed, served as a testament to the profound union of Sarah and Andy, embodying the ineffable magic inherent in their sacred celebration.   Melbourne Wedding Photo+ Film by Duuet FB: Duuet  Melbourne Wedding Venue @Poet’s Lane FB: Poet’s Lane Hairstylist : A Hairstylist […]