Hedge Farm

September 30, 2021
Lacey & Matt’s Wedding @Hedge Farm
Lacey & Matt’s Wedding @Hedge Farm The Hauber’s lot having a grand time sending Matt off to marry Lacey. Same shirts, opening a round of beers. In suits, holding another round of beers. It was a great send off for Matt, full of banter, laughter and love all around. Lacey of course holding up their own, toasting champagne, taking pre-wedding instant photos with her girls and savoring these moments before she steps into a new, exhilarating journey of her life. The white valiant wedding car is just a glimpse of their wonderful rustic wedding. The chapel and the stable, with rough-hewn timbers and authentic dirt floors. The barn doors, the fairy lights and a wedding cake on chopped wood – […]
May 6, 2021
Caitlyn & Alex’s Wedding @Hedge Farm
Caitlyn & Alex’s Wedding @Hedge Farm Nestled amidst the undulating beauty of rolling hills and steeped in historic charm, Hedge Farm emerged as an idyllic canvas for immortalizing Caitlyn and Alex’s timeless love story. The weathered barns, adorned with the passage of time, and the rustic allure of weathered wood accents, lent an authentic, lived-in feel to the surroundings. Against this backdrop, the sprawling fields extended an invitation to romance, forming an integral part of the couple’s meticulously chosen theme. As a photographer, the scene unfolded seamlessly, each frame becoming a chapter in a visual narrative steeped in romance and nostalgia. The natural synergy between the venue’s rustic elements and the couple’s chosen aesthetic created a mesmerizing tableau. Every snapshot […]