Private Property

February 3, 2024
Molly & Dion’s Wedding @Private Property
Molly & Dion’s Wedding @Private Property Step into the world of Molly and Dion’s wedding day through their stunning images, which will take you on a journey through various locations. Each photograph reveals a different aspect of the day, allowing you to relive the beautiful story of their special day. From the candid moments to the more composed shots, each image captures the essence of the couple and the people who are important to them. The surroundings were breathtakingly beautiful and radiated a light and airy feel, creating the perfect atmosphere for a wedding celebration. The images truly encapsulate the essence of a perfect wedding day, and you’ll be swept away by the magical atmosphere that permeates every single photograph. […]
January 27, 2024
Nikki & Andrew’s Wedding @Private Property
Nikki & Andrew’s Wedding @Private Property In a world where everything is fast-paced and sometimes impersonal, Nikki and Andrew’s uniquely tailored wedding celebration reminds us of a get together that is meant to create a lasting impression. Our wedding photography team had a great time capturing awesome images of the couple for their wedding portraits. Everything about this wedding resonated with the couple and it shined through these photographs.   Melbourne Wedding Photo+ Film by Duuet FB: Duuet  Melbourne Wedding Venue @Private Property   Hair:Jess Quennell MUA: Hannah Wade Wedding Gown: Bluebell Bridal Suit: InStitchu Celebrant: Tim Barnes Stylist & Wedding Planner: Kristina Rolland Florals: Double Knot Entertainment:  Wedding Band Collective Car hire: Kombi Love
October 16, 2022
Alexandra & Brendan’s Wedding @Private Property
Alexandra & Brendan’s Wedding @Private Property Nestled within the confines of a picturesque private estate, Alexandra and Brendan’s marquee wedding exuded an exquisite charm with a rustic-inspired theme. The seamless fusion of nature and celebration unfolded in a meticulously planned outdoor ceremony, where the couple, resplendent in their elegance, were captured through the lens with expert composition and framing. The allure of the rustic aesthetics was further accentuated in the technical precision of the photography, highlighting the organic textures and ambient lighting. The outdoor wedding reception, meticulously arranged, presented an inspirational tableau, framed with a keen understanding of depth and perspective. Every shot encapsulated the essence of the celebration, with the photogenic couple serving as the focal point amidst the […]
March 7, 2022
Lauren & Nathan’s Wedding @Private Property Mansfield
Lauren & Nathan’s Wedding @Private Property Mansfield Melbourne Wedding Photo+ Film by Duuet FB: Duuet  Melbourne Wedding Venue @Private Property Mansfield
March 21, 2021
India & Adam’s Wedding @Private Property
India & Adam’s Wedding @Private Property In the enchanting embrace of the resplendent outdoors, an immense canvas unfolded before our eyes, adorned with vast fields of luxuriant greenery that stretched seemingly without bounds into the distant horizon. The venue, a masterpiece of architectural finesse, stood as a testament to meticulous design, its stunning edifice serving as a mesmerizing counterpart to the untamed beauty of the natural landscape that surrounded it. The marriage of nature’s grandeur and human craftsmanship painted a scene of unparalleled magnificence, providing an extraordinary backdrop for the union of India and Adam. Each detail of the venue, from the intricately designed structures to the sprawling green fields, contributed to the creation of an awe-inspiring tapestry of visual […]