New Zealand

June 22, 2019

Alicia + Rob
@New Zealand

Sometimes, we can’t always trust the forecast. The day didn’t go as Alicia and Rob had pictured, with heavy rain and wind that started to hit from the early hours. However, that didn’t stop both of their celebration spirit and joy to diminish. It was a wedding worth every moment. They have both met in Melbourne for work, but they decided to celebrate at their home country, New Zealand. Despite the rainy, windy, and muddy weather dropped on them, they decided to focus on the wedding. Family from across the globe flew to celebrate this special day with them. Super easy-going, down to earth, simple, the couple even decided to head outside for photos! Everyone had fun and enjoyed a little splash outdoors, including our photography team! Everyone partied hard till midnight and had the time of their life. The venue was in the country, so we had a midnight bus come and bring everyone back to the city (including alcohol)!. Ironically, the day after, the sun didn’t hide for a second! People had the best time at the BBQ party with beaches, swimming and fun in the sun! Sometimes things don’t go as planned but it’s how we take what we have in front of us and enjoy every moment of it.