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July 17, 2019
Wedding Photography

Tips to Help You Stick to Your Wedding Photography Budget

Tips to Help You Stick to Your Wedding Photography Budget Statistically, almost 50% of couples admit to spending more than they originally budgeted for in their initial wedding planning process. While it is common to go over your initial limit, that does not mean it’s impossible to stick to it. We’re here to walk you through all the steps involved in creating and following your wedding budget including wedding photography budget. Find a system that works for you. There are many different budgeting systems out there on the internet and in many wedding planners’ guides and toolkits. These systems track all the money coming in and out and is the easiest way to keep track of your spending. Additionally, find […]
June 17, 2019


BEAUTIFUL BEACH WEDDINGS – Melbourne If you’re planning a beach wedding, while it’s a beautiful and magical idea, there’s lots to be wary of. As wedding photographers and videographers, we’re obsessed with the cinematic beauty of a beach wedding- especially at sunset. If you’re looking to create a stunning picturesque wedding on the shore, here are our top tips to make sure you’re ready to get wed by the sea. You already have the ocean as the most beautiful backdrop possible, keep all your other décor rather simple. Every beach has different rules and regulations. Be sure to check that you have all of the necessary authorisation for your event. The weather is unpredictable. Always have a backup plan and […]
June 17, 2019


AVOID THE WEDDING STRESS It’s one of the most wonderful days of your life but leading up to it can seem a bit like a nightmare! There’s probably lots on your mind that may be transforming you into a “bridezilla”, so we’ve got the best tips for you to remain calm and keep your cool so you can be your best self on your best day!   Bridal Support Squad Before you even start thinking about planning an entire wedding on your own- stop. Think about your family and friends and how excited they’ll be for you to have them get involved and help you out. You’ll know their strengths and weaknesses, so you can form the ultimate squad to […]
June 10, 2019


BLISSFUL BRIDESMAIDS WEDDING TIPS AND TRICKS Your bridesmaids will be with you every step of the way. From dress shopping, choosing wedding photographer , to cake testing, hen’s night and all the way up to your big day. They’re doing a lot for you because they love you, so to make sure that everyone is happy along the way, here are some tips to have the best bridesmaids. 1. Choose Carefully. This is an important decision- don’t rush it. You might consider asking your best friends, siblings or cousins, but whoever you decide to ask, make sure it’s not out of guilt or obligation. You’ll want to have people who really want to be there for you, it will make […]
June 10, 2019


BECOMING THE BEST ‘BEST MAN’ Leading up to the wedding day, there’s no doubt that the groom may be feeling slightly anxious and stressed. Your duties as the best man are to make sure he’s at the top of his game, while also coordinating various activities and coordinating with the rest of the wedding party. We’ve broken down the best man’s duties so you can become the best ‘best man’! PRE- WEDDING DUTIES 1. Help the groom choose his wedding attire and coordinate the other groomsmen’s rentals. 2. Organise the bachelor party (and recruit the other groomsmen to help). The cost should be split amongst everyone who attends the festivities. 3. Coordinate the groomsmen’s gift to the groom. 4. Provide emotional support to the […]
May 28, 2019

Wedding Guest Etiquette

A Guide to Wedding Guest Etiquette Going to a wedding may seem like a simple thing to do, not requiring much forethought, however there are a few keys things to think about before your friend or family member’s big day arrives. Don’t get us wrong, the main thing as a wedding guest is to have fun, but to ensure the couples day runs as smoothly as possible it’s important to consider typical wedding guest etiquette. Here are four key wedding guest tips, from the team at DUUET WEDDING : Make sure to RSVP Whatever advice you take from us, make sure this is your top priority. Waiting until the last possible day to RSVP may seem like no big deal […]
May 28, 2019

Deliver the BEST Wedding Speech.

Tips to Deliver the BEST Wedding Speech. Whether you’re Shakespeare, or a struggling writer, we’ve put together the top tips to writing an epic wedding speech.   First to speak. Whoever is first to speak must remember to introduce themselves and their relation to the couple. Not first to speak. If you aren’t the first to speak, be sure to acknowledge the person who spoke before you. It’s not a memory game. You shouldn’t feel the pressure to try and remember every single line of your speech by heart. If you need brief cue cards to remind you of what comes next, go for it! It’s best to be relaxed and let the speech flow. Don’t bury your head. Your […]
May 28, 2019

How to Avoid the Wedding FREAK-OUT!

Here’s How to Avoid the Wedding FREAK-OUT! The countdown is on. The day is nearly here- but is everything ready? Are YOU ready? The final few weeks are obviously the most stressful, so we’ve prepared this helpful article (based on tips from Kristine King), for when you’re feeling more than a little frazzled. FALSE DEADLINES. There’s nothing worse than having a deadline surprise you in your most stressful hour. When going through your list of things to do, set deadlines that are actually earlier than necessary. “A million details” will always pop up in the last few weeks, so you can plan ahead and make sure you’ve got everything else under control as early as possible. With the extra time […]
May 28, 2019


WRITING WOW WEDDING VOWS Not everyone is able to conceive a passage of love and affection as gracefully as Shakespeare. Sometimes you might feel a sense of writer’s block and get the feeling that it isn’t all worth it. But trust us- we have the tips to get you writing beautifully in no time!   Find your inspiration Read some traditional examples. If your practice a faith, look toward those original practices, or even look into others to see what works for you. Feel free to integrate these examples into your own words, or simply use them as a starting point. After you have a selection that you love, try and see if you can notice what it is about the […]