The Wool Mill

January 15, 2022
JJ Wedding Video The Wool Mill

Julia & Joshua’s Wedding Video @The Wool Mill Melbourne

June 22, 2020

Estelle & Jessica’s Wedding @ The Wool Mill

Estelle & Jessica’s Wedding @ The Wool Mill   Jessica and Estelle had a casual and laid-back wedding. They got ready for their big day together, dressed in contrasting wedding dresses that matched each other perfectly. Jessica and Estelle bought their gowns together and rocked their style, looking absolutely gorgeous in their wedding gowns.   The Wool Mill was the minimalistic venue for these two brides, decorated with splashes of colours and bright florals. They shared a kiss and their first private dance together when their loved ones were seated downstairs. Their special day was spent surrounded by loved ones who were celebrating their union. Their treasured memories were documented by Melbourne Wedding Photographers.       Melbourne Wedding Photo+Film […]