Eurambeen Historic Homestead

March 14, 2021
Marcus & Emilie’s Wedding @Eurambeen Historic Homestead
Marcus & Emilie’s Wedding @Eurambeen Historic Homestead   In the rustic Eurambeen Historic Homestead, Emilie and Marcus began their new life together. They stand in front of a doorway of new beginnings. They wander the grounds, sharing intimate moments together. A secluded spot surrounded by flowers and greenery.  A live band plays the melody of their romance, the notes float in the air. Emilie and Marcus are two puzzle pieces that fit snugly together, but this puzzle would be incomplete without their nearest and dearest with them. With all of their friends and family around them, the newly-wed couple celebrates their special day. Their fiery passion for each other is witnessed by their loved ones as they smile and laugh […]