Olivia & Bodhi’s Wedding Video

March 14, 2021

Hosting their wedding at the Yarawonga Mulwala Golf Club Resort, on the border of Victoria, was a great choice for Olivia and Bodhi....

Julia & Joshua’s Wedding Film

March 14, 2021

Julia & Joshua’s Wedding Film at Ripponlea’s Quat Quatta Estate was truly a special event, with the gorgeous traditional architecture...


We here at Duuet Weddings understand that every couple wants their wedding day to be truly unique, and an experience like no other. However, what this means to individual couples is different. Some couples believe that the most effective way to achieve this is to host an intimate ceremony at a gorgeous, rustic venue, so that the beautiful natural scenery can serve as a gorgeous background for their treasured moments. Others want a larger celebration, with all their loved ones excitedly watching them as they wed on the beach, while the sun beams down on them.

Whatever your preference is, Duuet Weddings photo and video team can help make your dreams a reality. As a premier team of Melbourne wedding videographers, we have over ten years of experience working with couples, beautifully capturing their big day. We work at understanding their needs, listening to their thoughts and ideas, and working with them at every step of the way to ensure that their wonderful day is impeccably captured, that not a single special moment is missed, and that they are given a unique, perfectly shot wedding video that captures the range of happy emotions felt by the couple, and their guests, throughout the day. Our expert team of Melbourne wedding videographers and photographers love capturing every special moment throughout your entire wedding, and we utilise a unique documentary approach to our processes, thus ensuring that we both enhance and capture the highlights of the day.

We understand that every couple has their own unique ideas about how to create the perfect memories of their wedding, so Duuet Weddings offers a range of different packages to suit different needs, so we can help you find a videography style that perfectly meets your requirements, with our session times ranging from a minimum of four hours of professional documentary style wedding photography to help capture the highlights of your special moments, to our comprehensive polished package, in which we provide an entire fourteen hours of professional wedding videography. This ensures that not a single special moment is missed and that all the highlights of the day are impeccably captured, from the couple gazing lovingly at each other as they exchange vows, to the groom enjoying a relaxing drink with his mates before getting married, and so on.

We strive to understand your needs and produce work that meets them.
Our philosophy at Duuet Weddings is to capture the special moments in real time, in a true-to-life manner. So, by booking our Melbourne wedding videography and photography services, you can expect to be provided with a beautiful, short wedding video that tells a story of two people so committed to each other, and certain of their love for each other, that they decided to dedicate their lives to one another.

We have a commitment to providing wedding videography and photography that exceeds the expectations of every couple we work with, so when you book with us, we will provide you with a number of consultation sessions to ensure that we thoroughly understand your needs and ideas, and we will work closely with you to help make the occasion all that more special.

We produce naturalistic photos to complement your memories of the day.
The photos and videos we capture are framed in a naturalistic, photo-journalistic manner, in which we work at capturing moments exactly as they appear, so they perfectly complement your memories. The huge grins on the couple’s faces, the happy tears streaking down the face of the father of the bride, the couple sharing an impromptu private moment together as newlyweds; these are the kinds of ‘true to life’ natural moments we specialise in capturing, thus ensuring that your beautiful memories of the day are perfectly and permanently preserved, and that no moment is overlooked. Over the past decade we have helped capture the most special moments of many newlyweds, across a range of gorgeous inner Melbourne and rural Victorian locations. We have captured the natural ambience and gorgeous scenery in a host of different locales, including the Dandenong Ranges, Yarra Valley, Geelong, and both the inner and outer suburbs of Melbourne, and worked at producing high-quality wedding videography that highlights the ceremony against the gorgeous natural backdrops.

Ensure the memories of your special day last a lifetime.
By working closely with you to understand your needs, hear your ideas, and discuss effective strategies for best capturing your special day, Duuet Weddings aims to provide couples with a truly special short wedding video which captures the love, trust, joy, and scope of other emotions experienced by the couple on their big day.

Is there a special love ballad or upbeat song that you consider to be ‘your song’? If so, we can ensure this song becomes the soundtrack to your beautiful wedding video, so every time you watch it over the years to come it takes you back to the highlights of the big day, and you can recollect how the sentiments expressed in the lyrics reflect your own feelings as a couple.

If you would like to know more about what Duuet Weddings can do to ensure your wedding is captured in a manner that perfectly reflects the love and devotion felt between the couple, then please get in touch with us today for an in-studio consultation. We will be able to meet with you and discuss our various packages and plans, and some of the ways we can ensure our videography service is tailored to your needs, to ensure that our videos capture exactly what you are looking for from a permanent memento of your amazing day.