Camp Sunnystones

December 18, 2021
Olivia & Findlay’s Wedding @Camp Sunnystones
Olivia & Findlay’s Wedding @Camp Sunnystones A wedding at camp and it has been amazing. For Olivia and Findlay, Camp Sunnystones is the ideal place. A wonderful indoor and outdoor space awaited the couple on their wedding day. A beautiful venue to reconnect with nature, 50 acres of uninterrupted forest views, spectacular bush setting for a wedding. All these came into focus for our team’s photography collection with the couple. The outdoors beckoned and everybody heeded the call, from ceremony to reception, it was an outdoor party through and through. Melbourne Wedding Photo + Film by Duuet FB: Duuet  Melbourne Wedding Venue @Camp Sunnystones FB: Camp Sunnystones Camp Sunnystones is a gorgeous 50 acre property bordering the beautiful Long Forest Nature […]
March 21, 2021
Holly & Nicholas’ Wedding @Camp Sunnystone
Holly & Nicholas Wedding @Camp Sunnystone Immerse yourself in the enchanting spectacle as we traverse the awe-inspiring canvas of nature’s vast expanse, serving as the breathtaking backdrop for Holly and Nicholas’ spellbinding photoshoot. Embark on a mesmerizing journey through the untouched beauty of the great Australian outdoors, where each click of the camera encapsulates the very essence of their love story. The captivating landscapes, from sprawling fields to the rustic charm of Camp Sunnystones, weave a tapestry of memories destined to endure a lifetime. Witness the visual symphony unfold as Holly and Nicholas exchange vows, their love radiating against the stunning panorama of nature. Every photograph, a testament to the profound connection shared between them, encapsulates the raw beauty and […]