Lakehouse Daylesford

May 25, 2021
Jake & Rebecca’s Wedding Video
Jake & Rebecca’s Wedding Video Rebecca & Jake A Lakehouse Wedding Jake’s overwhelming emotion showing on his face Seeing his future with Rebecca sealed in place As they share their vows, a promise to hold dear They know their love will surpass any doubt, any fear A kiss on the board walk overlooking a lagoon Each other’s hand they hold firm and true Together with the company of the important people in their lives, Rebecca and Jake wed at the waterfront pavilion. They spent the rest of the day sharing a feast, celebrating and dancing at the Terrace Room of the Lake House Daylesford. A unique wedding guest list was set up, where everyone should take polaroid images of themselves […]
April 20, 2021
Jemma & Brian’s wedding video @Lakehouse Daylesford
After exchanging vows at the National Gallery of Victoria, Monique and Sam enjoyed an impromptu stroll around the local area, whilst holding matching helium-filled balloons upon which “Mr” and “Mrs” were artistically written.