Melbourne wedding photo

July 3, 2021

Marianna & Bradley’s Wedding Video @ Poet’s Lane

Marianna & Bradley’s Wedding Video @ Poet’s Lane   Marianna and Bradley stood under a gazebo chased by white roses and kissed. With fairy lights lit up like stars and beautiful forest green trees all around them, they began a new life together, holding each other close. The bride and groom each wore a crown of leaves as they vowed to love each other for the rest of their lives. This couple went all out as they celebrated with their loved ones all around them. Their friends and family created an arch for the bride and groom with their arms and hands linked together. A beautiful love story such as this one is shared with their nearest and dearest.   […]
June 26, 2021

Jessie & Kevin’s Wedding @Tanglewood Estate

Jessie & Kevin’s Wedding @Tanglewood Estate   In the gorgeous Tanglewood Estate, Jessie and Kevin, explore the grounds together, hand in hand. In the midst of the towering, majestic trees, the newly-wed couple holds each other close, gazing into each other’s eyes. Love is written all over their faces.  Every day is a honeymoon for this couple! The groom shed a tear as he watched his precious bride walk down the aisle. A new path leading to a new life with her love.  They shared their first dance together surrounded by their friends and family. Their loved ones, who earlier, sprayed confetti and their love over them.     Melbourne Wedding Photo+Film by Duuet Melbourne Wedding Venue @Tanglewood Estate   […]
June 26, 2021

Nicola & Lucan’s Wedding @Harbour Room St Kilda

Nicola & Lucan’s Wedding @Harbour Room St Kilda Nicola and Lucan celebrated in the sun with an outdoor wedding. With majestic trees, towering over them, the sun shone through the branches and onto the newly-wed couple like a spotlight.  On their special day, as they wandered through the gorgeous greenery, hand in hand, they stood in the limelight.  In the Harbour Room in St Kilda, there were stunning views of the beach, even at night, when the moon’s reflection on the sea surface makes the ocean sparkle ever brighter. With a live band playing, the bride and groom danced on the floor with their friends and family.  Nicola and Lucan’s love for each other, as seen on their special day, […]
June 26, 2021

Tahlia & Simon’s Wedding @Crown Aviary

Tahlia & Simon’s Wedding @Crown Aviary   The bride and groom, along with their bridesmaids and groomsmen looked fantastic together. Under sunny skies, they stood together amongst their close friends, celebrating their union. A new path has opened up for them.  Tahlia and Simon shared many intimate moments together. In a secluded spot that was surrounded by nature, they shared a kiss.  Tahlia and Simon share their first dance together under a spotlight. Waiting in the wings are their friends and family, waiting to celebrate their love for each other. There’s nothing more precious than spending your special day in the midst of all your nearest and dearest.   Melbourne Wedding Photo +Film by Duuet Melbourne Wedding Venue @Crown Aviary […]
June 26, 2021

Eloise & Ross’ Wedding @ The Farm of the Yarra Vally

Eloise & Ross’ Wedding @ The Farm of the Yarra Vally     Melbourne Wedding Photo+Film by Duuet Melbourne Wedding Venue @The Farm of the Yarra Vally At The Farm, we pride ourselves on strong community ties. With local producers making beer and wine on site and our seasonal menu featuring vegetables from our kitchen garden and locally grown produce. The gardens, vineyards and Oak Walk all provide beautiful backdrops for photos. The Farm Yarra Valley provides the perfect venue for you to create an individualised wedding that all of your family and guests will remember forever.
June 25, 2021

Rebecca & Beau’s Wedding @Mt Duneed Estate

Rebecca & Beau’s Wedding @Mt Duneed Estate   An hour away from Melbourne and 15 minutes away from Geelong, in the awe-inspiring Mt Duneed Estate, Rebecca and Beau celebrated their special day, in the midst of their loved ones. Mt Duneed Estate is a breathtaking, rustic venue, lined with a wall of barrels. The estate, chased with captivating vinery, stretching beyond the horizon. But it was the bride and groom that captivated the hearts of each other, as well as their nearest and dearest. With exclusive use of the venue, the sunset was soft blue, fading into pink, as the newly-wed couple shared a kiss with their nearest and dearest around them. There was laughter and tears, as the bride […]
June 25, 2021

Sam & Emily’s Wedding @Marybrooke Manor

  Sam & Emily’s Wedding @Marybrooke Manor       Melbourne Wedding Photography+Film: Duuet wedding Melbourne Wedding Venue: Marybrooke Manor   Wedding gown:   Grace Loves Lace Florals – email: Cakes and Vases   MARYBROOKE IS NESTLED ON THE EDGE OF THE MAGNIFICENT SHERBROOKE FOREST IN THE DANDENONG RANGES. Marybrooke Manor is the perfect one-stop destination for your intimate, boutique wedding ceremony and reception for up to 110 guests. Built in 1940 but recently refurbished, Marybrooke also offers 20 boutique four star accommodation suites.
June 15, 2021

Chenille & Mauricio’s Wedding Video @Greenfields Albert Park

Chenille & Mauricio’s Wedding Video @Greenfields Albert Park   With a grand ceremony in a church that looked more like a castle, Chenille and Mauricio declared their love for each other in the midst of their family and friends.  The bride and groom spent time together with their bridesmaids and groomsmen, spending time together in and around the church. But in a secluded area with a wall of greenery, Chenille and Mauricio snatch a few intimate moments together as a couple, holding each other close.  Days and night spent together stretch out beyond them. Even when the sun’s light fades away, Chenille and Mauricio’s love for each other will never fade.   Melbourne Wedding Photo+Film by @Duuet Melbourne Wedding Venue […]
May 30, 2021

Vanessa & Aleksandar’s Wedding @The Glasshouse

Vanessa & Aleksandar’s Wedding @The Glasshouse   Vanessa and Aleksandar had a traditional wedding at a church with a priest presiding over their ceremony. As a wedding tradition, crowns were placed upon their head with a ribbon tied to each to symbolise their union together. The Glasshouse was dazzling in white, with a shining dancefloor, and adorned with gorgeous white roses and sparkling lights. A place where all the bride and groom’s wedding dreams came true. Each table was decorated with roses and candles, shining the light of the couple’s love. During their first dance, there were sparklers, as they embraced each other on the dance floor. This lit up the dancefloor for their loved ones to join them, a […]