January 1, 2024
Jaclyn & Lachlan’s Wedding Photography @Flowerdale Estate
Just think, having your wedding out in the countryside, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. What a venue it was at Flowerdale Estate to host Jaclyn and Lachlan’s special day.
August 12, 2023
Celeste & Daniel’s Wedding @Flowerdale Estate
Celeste & Daniel’s Wedding @Flowerdale Estate Celeste and Daniel’s wedding is like a scene out of a country outback movie. See how our wedding photographers capture the details up close and personal. From the preparations, ceremony, post ceremonial photoshoot and until the reception. Flowerdale Estate, near the Yarra Valley, was the ideal venue for a rustic outback experience. The decorations at the reception hall is complementary to our couple’s theme. From the horseshoe, wood blocks and the plant set up, it all completed the elements of a true Australian outback experience.   Melbourne Wedding Photo+ Film by Duuet FB: Duuet  Melbourne Wedding Venue @Flowerdale Estate FB: Flowerdale Estate Hair:shaunas_big_tease MUA : Glamourfied by Lizi Hance Wedding Gown: Fairytales Bridal Boutique […]
July 29, 2023
Keira & Dylan’s Wedding @Rochford Wines Yarra Valley
Keira & Dylan’s Wedding @Rochford Wines Yarra Valley With the backdrop of the Great Dividing Range, Keira and Dylan’s wedding at Rochford Wines was a dream come true. Right in the heart of Yarra Valley this winery wedding venue has everything you need to make your day perfect. These photographs are a testament to the incredible emotions that can be felt during the meaningful ceremony. Simply amazing. Melbourne Wedding Photo+ Film by Duuet FB: Duuet  Melbourne Wedding Venue @Rochford Wines – Yarra Valley FB: Rochford Wines – Yarra Valley Hair:A Hairstylist Secret MUA: Chelsea Darnell Makeup Artistry Wedding Gown: Made with Love Bridal Suit: Peter Jackson Celebrant: Julie Melbourne Celebrant Florals: Flowers of Yarra Glen Entertainment:  DJ Masters   Centred […]
October 15, 2022
Lauren & Daniel’s Wedding @King Parrot Cottages
Lauren & Daniel’s Wedding @King Parrot Cottages The breathtaking scenery of King Parrot Cottages is the perfect setting for Lauren and Daniel’s wedding. The couple chose this venue because they wanted to feel connected with nature as they celebrated their new life together as husband and wife. Lauren’s representation of connecting with nature is highlighted during her wedding, as she walked barefoot, dressed in her wedding gown and simply feeling the earth beneath her. Our team felt the connection as it translated into these images we captured on their wedding day.   Lauren & Daniel’s wedding : King Parrot Cottages Melbourne wedding  Photo+Film by Duuet wedding Melbourne wedding Hair Mr Almeda hair dressing Melbourne wedding Venue : King Parrot Cottages […]
September 30, 2022
Ashley & Troy’s Wedding @The Riverstone Estate
Ashley & Troy’s Wedding @The Riverstone Estate Ashley and Troy’s Riverstone Estate wedding was the perfect blend of rustic and classic. The couple’s choice to marry at a venue with a rustic feel made their affair both romantic and lighthearted. The Riverstone Estate was the ideal venue for such an event. It is uniquely wine country with breathtaking views that will make you heart skip a beat. Cheers to this day for Ashley and Troy.
September 29, 2022
Kristina & Tim’s Wedding @Private Farm
Kristina & Tim’s Wedding @Private Farm Kristina and Tim’s modern rustic wedding theme sets a bright and airy vibe that is jaw-dropping. Dreamy shots of the couple brought out their romantic and jolly side with extreme happiness radiating. Their whimsical wedding at a private farm is perfect with the newlyweds’ bubbly personalities. The indoor reception is equally fun and jovial with a live band and traditional dances in national costumes that everybody enjoyed. Congratulations to this gorgeous couple on such a fantastic wedding day! It was a joy to celebrate your love. Melbourne Wedding Photo by Duuet FB: Duuet Melbourne Wedding Venue @Private Farm Hair: Makeupbylorie Make-up: Shiree Collier – Makeup and Hair Artist Wedding gown: Madi Lane Bridal Suit: […]
September 29, 2022
Jana & Dean’s Wedding @Riverstone Estate
Jana & Dean’s Wedding @Riverstone Estate Because sunset means the day ends beautifully, same with Jana and Dean’s wedding as the day was filled with beautiful emotions by the couple and their families. As Jana walks down the aisle towards Dean, the tantalizing view of The Riverstone Estate, a 75-acre property unfolds. Dean, unbothered by the view as his eyes were only set on his radiant future wife! Tears of happiness fell when vows were spoken. Indeed love makes you proudest. Blowing a lifetime of love bubbles for Jana & Dean! Melbourne Wedding Photo + Film by Duuet FB: Duuet Melbourne Wedding Venue @Riverstone Estate FB: The Riverstone Estate The Riverstone Estate is a 75-acre property set on the banks of the Yarra River, amid […]
September 28, 2022
Caitlin & Ryan’s Wedding @Vue on Halcyon
Caitlin & Ryan’s Wedding @Vue on Halcyon Every day will be proof that happy ever after exists for Caitlin and Ryan. The overwhelming happiness, so visible on their smiling faces. Can only happen when life has taken you to this very moment, when everything feels so perfectly in place. The day itself made this moment even more amazing, the skies with the clouds rolling past, the outdoors, the little ones’ chilling, the vineyard walk by our couple in the amazing Vue on Halcyon. And this wedding would not be complete without a celebration of great company, wonderful food and dancing. Congratulations Caitlin and Ryan. Melbourne Wedding Photo by Duuet FB: Duuet Melbourne Wedding Venue @Vue on Halcyon FB: Vue on […]
September 15, 2022
Juliet & Harrison’s Wedding @Family Farm
Juliet & Harrison’s Wedding @Family Farm Juliet and Harrison’s wedding unfolds as a captivating ode to the vast Australian outdoors, where nature orchestrates a symphony of visual delights. The day begins under the clear skies, adorned with rolling clouds that morph into deeper blues as the sun gracefully retreats, casting a spellbinding palette upon the landscape. The golden-browned fields, kissed by the warm glow of sunlight, become a mesmerizing canvas that encapsulates the couple’s love. Capturing the outdoor festivities is akin to navigating through an enchanting visual narrative. The interplay of light and shadow dances across the natural contours, creating a series of breathtaking moments that mirror the ephemerality of love. The transition from day to night becomes a poetic […]