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Melbourne wedding photography
Melbourne wedding photography, specialise in capturing timeless memories with our professional wedding photographers available throughoutTreasure the memories and emotions of your special day by capturing them through the lenses of Melbourne’s most remarkable team of wedding photographers. As a photographer, it’s our belief that we are there to capture the action of the day rather than create it.
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Welcome to DUÜET. We are a Melbourne based Wedding photography and videography studio. Our expert team of photographers, videographers and artists take a unique documentary approach to enhancing and capturing your special day.

Specialising in natural, photo-journalistic and ambient keepsakes, our professional candid wedding photography and videography teams pride themselves on their experience and discretion.

Our brand is inspired by the coupling of the client and the artist. Your collaboration during the photo-shoot, along with the creative direction of our team will produce both stunning photographs and a truly unforgettable experience.

The presentation of a DUÜET Wedding Package leads the way in style using state of the art technology.

For more information contact us and we can begin creating beautiful memories together.

  • please contact us for a video sample, and if you have any questions or ideas, we can happily tailor a package to meet your budget and requirements
  • additional videography can be booked at $350/hour
  • travel fees may apply for locations 25km+ outside of the Melbourne CBD area

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