Feature Wedding

June 4, 2019

Mich and Rhodri’s Wedding
@ Terindah Estate

May 23, 2019

Katie + Andrew’s Wedding
@ The Farm Yarra Valley

Coming from a family of seven can lead to high expectations set and a much grander wedding! This did not phase Katie and Andrew from having their moment by having a classic Christian wedding at the Farm of Yarra Valley. Fortunately, the vintage farm was able to host the number of guests who attended, including Family who had flown all the way from New Zealand and a large team of groomsmen and bridesmaids! The day composed of the hand making of the bouquet by the bridesmaids, an emotional walk down the aisle and a live band playing music! Everyone was very down to earth, genuine and helped each other throughout the day. It was an extraordinary moment when everyone allowed extra time for photography shots after the ceremony and sunset photos. All who attended played their part and immersed themselves in the dancing as if they were 10 years younger to celebrate the love and happiness emitted throughout the day and night. What a day to remember!
May 18, 2019

Alicia + Rob
@New Zealand

Sometimes, we can’t always trust the forecast. The day didn’t go as Alicia and Rob had pictured, with heavy rain and wind that started to hit from the early hours. However, that didn’t stop both of their celebration spirit and joy to diminish. It was a wedding worth every moment. They have both met in Melbourne for work, but they decided to celebrate at their home country, New Zealand. Despite the rainy, windy, and muddy weather dropped on them, they decided to focus on the wedding. Family from across the globe flew to celebrate this special day with them. Super easy-going, down to earth, simple, the couple even decided to head outside for photos! Everyone had fun and enjoyed a little splash outdoors, including our photography team! Everyone partied hard till midnight and had the time of their life. The venue was in the country, so we had a midnight bus come and bring everyone back to the city (including alcohol)!. Ironically, the day after, the sun didn’t hide for a second! People had the best time at the BBQ party with beaches, swimming and fun in the sun! Sometimes things don’t go as planned but it’s how we take what we have in front of us and enjoy every moment of it.
May 11, 2019

Jaclyn + Lachlan
@Flowerdale Estate

Just think, having your wedding out in the countryside, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. What a venue it was at Flowerdale Estate to host Jaclyn and Lachlan’s special day. The colours from the trees, greenery of the grass in the farms and hills running across the horizon illuminated our photographers take the perfect shots from the day. With extra little furry friends, and the gushing sound of the river at the farm made the moment that much more special. Although there were some nerves and worries for bride to be, this was soon forgotten as she had the support of her friends and family. The bride and bridesmaids created a special moment by having custom robes for one another. The speech provided by the groom was one to remember and everything pieced together for a memorable and delightful moment for all who attended.
April 26, 2019

Chris & Kasia’s wedding at Luminare

                  Photo/Film by Duuet wedding           Venue: Luminare Link: https://luminare.net.au For a unique wedding reception venue that captures Melbourne’s rooftop culture, say ‘I do’ to Luminare. With 360-degree views of the stunning city skyline and Port Phillip Bay on the horizon, Luminare is an extraordinary venue in an unbeatable location. And that’s just the exterior! Inside you’ll find rooftop, loft-inspired interiors, chic furnishings, and fabulous food and drinks served by the best in the biz, The Big Group.
March 28, 2019

Jessica + Amy
@The Estate Trentham

They say that love has no boundaries, and that love cannot be stopped. No law set by our government, or judgements from society was going to stop these two love-birds, Jessica and Amy from getting married to each other. They had obtained their marriage certificate overseas before our government had made it legal. Since then, they took the opportunity to celebrate their union with those that matter most. Their day began with their separate preparations away from each other and to our delight, most of the set up and accessories which accompanied the wedding was done by them! Additionally, the venue at The Estate Trentham provided a very rustic and homely feel to the day. All the pieces came together perfectly and with the support of their family and friends, Jessica and Amy were able to share their love and happiness. As everyone did not shy away and shared their joys with one another to make the most memorable day, the photography captured on the day accurately displays the purest forms of joy and love that everyone expressed throughout the day. We are thankful to be a part of it!
March 18, 2019

Rick + Rachael’s Wedding
@ Campbell Point House

No other words can describe Rick and Rachael’s wedding day besides spectacular. Yup, nothing but spectacular. Some like to keep it down low, some like to keep it small, but it was no subtlety for these two. And we loved every moment of it. A very classy, smart, and grand wedding, it was worth celebrating for. The venue at Campbellpoint house provided and added to the already amazing experience. With an in-house driveway, to a boathouse, beautiful gardens and beach, it was everything you can dream of. The photography team was amazed by how beautiful the place was, and the couple too of course. It’s not often we get to experience a spectacular Melbourne wedding like this. Not to mention the very rare occurrence of Melbourne providing the perfect weather with bright suns and cooling winds. A day worth every drink, dance, smile, laughter, banter and joy, this was one we will never forget.
March 2, 2019

Connie & Daniel’ wedding at Brighton Town Hall

          Photo by  Duuet wedding         Venue :Brighton Town Hall https://www.bayside.vic.gov.au/brighton-town-hall   The Brighton Town Hall provides a majestic space for events like weddings, birthdays, performances, concerts, parties, functions or community and fundraising events.  It includes a theatrical stage including a lift, piano, commercial kitchen and room for 200 seated people. The historic architecture provides an elegant backdrop for any event.
March 2, 2019

Amelia + Ryan
@ALTO Event Space

Amelia and Ryan’s wedding ceremony was colourful and elegant. Everything went according to plan and every detail was designed to perfection. Their friends and family were all overjoyed and the venue was full of an uplifting and inspiring energy. Their reception was held at ALTO, on Russell St, Melbourne. This inner-city location has sweeping city view and a unique industrial edge. The intimate event was so special and magical. Congratulations Amelia and Ryan!